So about me then...

I love to laugh… make me laugh (it’s quite easy!)... I got a bit stuck writing this so I asked a loved one to describe me in a few words…”Small and often hangry!”. Lol. I love food… who doesn’t?! I’m a bit of a cheese, crisps, butter and sugar fiend.

I am visually stimulated and love colour and nature.

Technology is great but I still have certain “old school” preferences. Photos albums, handwritten letters, journals… have you tried using the Bullet Journal system – AMAZING. I’ve stopped hoarding notebooks that I never finish!

In writing this I didn’t want to sound too cliché, or mushy, but I did want to portray a true picture of myself. The truth is, above all, I find happiness in, and appreciate, the beauty, kindness and love that exists in our lives.

I hope you enjoy working with me! I look forward to creating something special with you.

x Rachel