Holly Wedding suite

A delicate suite of wedding stationery perfect for many themes.
This particular suite, was put together for a beautiful rustic-themed wedding held in a barn setting.

The photos currently feature an example of the Save the Date and Invitation. Both are printed on handmade Bhutanese paper. I love this material for many reasons. Aside from its unique aesthetic for wedding stationery, this handmade paper is made from the inner bark or bast fibre of lokta bushes which are a sustainable and renewable resource.

It has a thin and lightly textured finish, but is also very durable making it difficult to tear.

Included in the suite, are slate tablets for table names, and kraft-type place cards, handwritten in white ink.

My pre-designed suites are customisable to suit your needs. This might include a different type of handwriting or font or minor tweaks to materials.

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